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Aerial View of a Drone





Drone Inspection is exactly same as Visual Inspection a thorough check of each single part of a building, roof or construction.

With many cases drone will be used as an eye to get into hard to reach places.

But we also use powerful zoom camera to get pictures from the ground if needed.

Construction Site

Building Sites &

Real Estate

Using drones we are providing aerial view of Your project in company with sharp 4K quality video and high resolution pictures we can assist your business to be better prepared for decision making on site.

Which can increase safety that lead to time and potential money saving plus in the same time improve communication.


Critical Infrastructure 

Why try using drones for your critical infrastructure inspections

1. Safer than manned work.
2. Lower CO2 #emission compare to helicopter and cheaper.
3. More accurate, and better data than of the ground inspection .

Together with possible same day report accessible to your inspection team you can scale your work and have better control over your assets. 






At Dronez Access Ltd we pride ourselves in offering you the best service on the market at competitive prices. 

We offer you 2D and 3D mapping, construction and roof inspections to assist you with your organisation’s preventative maintenance schemes and safety of your ongoing projects. 


Using our services minimise risk to your employees and provide your company with a more accurate image in a shorter pace of time.  


Unlike a visual inspection, by using Dronez Access you will incur little interruption to your day-to-day business as our operations only involve a one or two-person team! 


We ensure that every customer gets the best images possible, while maintaining the highest levels of safety. Therefore, we use a pilot, to steer the drone, and a spotter who instructs and captures.


Phantom 4 RTK, I one of the most advanced technology to support survey missions. All-in-one package for teams to quickly build centimetre-accurate 2D and 3D maps and more. 

Matrice M300, built to last toughest conditions, equipped with Zoom and Thermal Camera is up to date most advanced platform on the market. Built for Inspections, Mapping and Search and Rescue missions. 

"Grand Tour Media used the services of Dronez Access for one of our larger clients. Karol and his team were just fantastic, even when facing snow and icy conditions, they came to the venue, did their assessment, and then came back at a convenient time for our client. Utilizing the best equipment, providing a thorough and professional drone service that put ourselves and the client at ease. They truly went above and beyond for us and we will most certainly be working with them again in the future. Thank you"

Jonathan Reuben Sarabadu : Grand Tour Media

"Dronez Access made a promotional video for our business, there was some excellent drone camera work and these guys sure know what they’re doing!!"

Mathew Slater : Slater and Reves Catering 

Dronez Access are highly qualified, professional and above all very polite. Great to work with!

Azar : Axiom Energy Ltd

I met Karol from Dronez Access at a BNI online meeting. He immediately got my interest as I run a wedding venue called Alcott Weddings in the grounds of Alcott Farm in Worcestershire. We offer a selection of structures on our stunning grounds opposite lakes and have an on-site Bed and Breakfast and holiday cottages. The drone footage was the perfect idea to show off the extent of the farm from above and show where everything is positioned. Not only did it sound great for promo but also the thermal inspection sounded very appealing as the property is quite old; so to assess where is difficult for the eye to see through a camera and get a detailed report to potentially save money and time seemed like a complete bonus! Karol is so likeable, so professional and so prompt! We arranged a phone call and nothing I suggested was too much trouble for him. The footage is first class and he kindly added some of my photos to it and made a promotional video. 

I would thoroughly recommend him for both promotional material and thermal imagery! 

Lucy Poole : Alcott Weddings

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